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At Brock Person Guerra Reyna, we have tried hundreds of cases over the years, too many to include in this website. We have, however, chosen to include each of those cases governed by a jury verdict where the amount sought was in excess of $500,000. It is important to note that we have included every case tried under this broad category, not just select verdicts.

Henderson v. Central Texas Electric Cooperative
(Kerr County) Plaintiff called Defendant because of fluttering electricity and power surges on a light pole outside their home. Defendant responded by fixing an electrical short on the light pole. The following day, Defendant was called to Plaintiff's home a second time because of electrical fluttering and surges inside the home. Defendant responded by changing connectors at the junction box. Several hours after the second service call, Plaintiff's home caught fire and burned to the ground. Plaintiff sued on a product liability theory and a DTPA theory alleging that the 25 year old electrical transformer outside their home was defective. The transformer was replaced immediately after the fire, although Defendant contended that it was not defective. The specials were $1,000,000. The Plaintiff asked the jury to award $1,000,000. The pre-trial demand was $1,000,000. The pre-trial offer was $75,000. The jury returned a zero verdict in favor of the Defendant.

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