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Employees may believe they were passed over for a promotion, denied opportunities, or fired because they were the victims of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, or nationality. Yet, often there is much more to the story.

At Brock Person Guerra Reyna, P.C., in San Antonio, our employment discrimination defense attorneys approach discrimination cases with a high degree of sensitivity. When employees truly believe they have been discriminated against, they consider it a personal affront. Likewise, employers who are accused of discrimination take the allegations personally.

We do a detailed analysis of the situation and work with our client to show that the reasons for the action were objective and performance-related.

Statistics Matter

We will gather statistical evidence to show the employee's claim of discrimination is without merit. For example, we may be able to say that while 20 percent of your workforce is Hispanic, 35 percent of all promotions went to Hispanic employees in the past two years. Perhaps we can show that your company has fired more non-Hispanic employees than Hispanic employees.

While the employee may feel he or she was discriminated against, we will show the reality of the situation. Perhaps the employee was discharged because of poor work performance. We present the documentation to prove it. Maybe the employee failed to show up at work on time, or at all. We present the records to show it.

We will also show how your firm has treated similar people in similar situations. In short, we will build a solid defense with hard evidence designed to overcome the subjective opinion of the employee.

To speak to an employment discrimination defense attorney about your company's legal needs, please contact Brock Person Guerra Reyna today.

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