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Employers can be held liable for their employees' sexually harassing behavior. The employment litigation attorneys of Brock Person Guerra Reyna, P.C. in San Antonio, Texas, protect the interests of our business clients who are faced with potentially damaging sexual harassment claims.

We work diligently to prevent litigation by counseling clients after a claim has been filed. We have a successful record of settling cases efficiently and cost effectively whenever possible. However, when a sexual harassment case does go to court, our clients can be confident that they have an experienced and successful defense attorney on their side.

About Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination, and, as such, is a violation of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Texas fair employment practices regulations. Both men and women can be guilty of harassment and the harasser does not even have to be aware that his or her behavior is considered objectionable.

Our experienced employment law attorneys focus on representing clients whose employees are accused of hostile work environment and quid pro quo harassment.

Quid pro quo harassment is a form of sexual coercion. It makes submitting to unwelcome sexual behavior a condition of employment or uses it as a basis for making hiring decisions.

Hostile work environment harassment occurs when an employee is regularly subjected to comments of a sexual nature, unwelcome physical contact, or offensive sexual materials on the job.

If your firm is facing a sexual harassment claim, please don't delay. contact a sexual harassment defense attorney at Brock Person Guerra Reyna as soon as possible. The sooner you consult with a skilled and knowledgeable employment law attorney, the greater your chance of resolving the issue outside of court.

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