Fraud Trials

At Brock Person Guerra Reyna, we have tried hundreds of cases over the years, too many to include in this website. We have, however, chosen to include each of those cases governed by a jury verdict where the amount sought was in excess of $500,000. It is important to note that we have included every case tried under this broad category, not just select verdicts.

Gulsby Engineering
and National American Insurance Company v. Gulf Liquids New River Project and Williams Energy (Harris County) Gulsby Engineering was hired by Gulf Liquids to construct a series of gas processing plants in Louisiana. Unknown to Gulsby Engineering, Gulf Liquids did not have enough money to pay for the underlying gas processing plants or any change requests. Also unknown to Gulsby Engineering, Gulf Liquids contracted with Williams Energy and gave away much of the right of control over the projects. Williams Energy then took essential control over the construction projects. Gulsby Engineering performed tens of millions of dollars of work on the construction projects for which they were never paid. Gulf Liquids represented to Gulsby Engineering that monies owed would be made up on future projects. Gulf Liquids did not come through with future projects nor did they pay Gulsby Engineering for work performed. Instead, Gulf Liquids and Williams Energy took the position that Gulsby Engineering breached their contract by performing their work in a defective manner. Gulsby Engineering, who had been in business over 20 years and constructed over 150 similar projects, was forced out of business. Their surety, National American Insurance, stepped in to pay tens of millions of dollars to all subcontractors on the project. Gulsby Engineering and National American sued Gulf Liquids for breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, negligence misrepresentation, and quantum meruit. Two other Plaintiffs involved in two subsequent and related construction projects also sued. After a five month trial, and five days of jury deliberations involving 102 jury questions in a 156 page jury charge, Plaintiffs obtained a verdict of $699,000,000 (the second largest in the United States in 2006). Brock Person Guerra Reyna was the lead counsel for Gulsby Engineering and National American Insurance Company, the two lead Plaintiffs in the case.

Capitol Meat Company v. Alamo Meat Purveyors (Bexar County) A former owner of Plaintiff sold his assets in the company and signed a non-compete agreement pledging not to work in the wholesale meat purveying business. Thereafter, and although not owning, controlling, or sharing in the profits of Defendant, the former owner of Plaintiff acted as a guarantor for Defendant who directly competed with Plaintiff. Thereafter, Plaintiff went out of business and sued Defendant. The Plaintiff alleged business losses of $2,800,000. The Plaintiff asked the jury to award $2,800,000. The pre-trial demand was $2,800,000. The pre-trial offer was $10,000. The jury returned a zero verdict in favor of the Defendant.

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